Monday, July 2, 2007

Gus Bilirakis and Double Standards

Here's a statement that Congressman Gus Bilirakis made about the failed immigration bill last week:

“As an American, I do not accept this line of thinking. The reality is that amnesty is not an answer to this complex and endemic problem. As a nation of laws and a nation of legal immigrants, it is simply wrong to reward unlawful behavior with amnesty.

I wonder what Gus Bilirakis thinks about George Bush commuting the prison sentence of Scooter Libby. Is there a double standard at play here? Is there one standard for those who break the law by entering our country to seek a better life, and another standard for White House cronies who have broken the law at the behest of the administration? I urge you to call Congressman Bilirakis' office tomorrow and ask him.

Washington DC Office
ph: 202-225-5755

Temple Terrace Office
ph: 813-985-8541

Palm Harbor Office
ph: 727-773-2871


Michelle aka boofdah said...

Isn't Congress out of session this week? That means the Congresspeople might be in their offices tomorrow (but not on the 4th). I'm going to try to visit Kathy Castor's office b/c she's my Congressperson; constituents of Billo-rakis should try to ask him in person. :)

fly said...

I think we know the answer. Gus is nothing but a partisan sheep, parrotting the party line whenever push come to shove.

thefos said...

How do you spell hypocrite?

G-u-s B-i-l-i-r-a-k-i-s!

No brainer on this one.

I predict that Gus Bilirakis will flip-flop as he sticks his nose further up the Bush Administration's butt on this one.

Bush just handed Scooter Libby a "Stay out of jail free card." Let's just see where Gus Bilirakis lands. Will it be on the side of the rule of law? Is it "simply wrong to reward unlawful behavior with amnesty?"


Is it wrong to lie to protect the people who took our country to war via deliberate false pretenses AKA lies?

And how cowardly is it to not even announce this "Stay out of jail free card." in person?

Bush, the Cowardly Lion!

He knew that he had to unload this "free poor Libby crap" when the Daily Show and Colbert Report were on vacation.

I call them chickens:

gatordem said...

So, let's see if I got this right. If you are black or brown or poor, or God forbid, any combination of the above, and you break the law, you are going to jail for a multi-year sentence.

But if you are rich and white and work in the White House, you get your sentence commuted when you break the law.

So, is this the equal justice under the law that we pride ourselves for?