Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bilirakis Blog open for business...PSYCH!

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It is now 11:19 PM. Were any comments permitted?

While Gus tries to instill fear in his constituents, what is Gus afraid of?

Maybe he is afraid of a mother of 5 or maybe Dramatic Chipmunk found Gus in the shower...


thefos said...

"Top DHS Counterterrorism Official Says Al-Qaeda Remains Determined to Strike U.S."

Well, DUH!

Al Qaeda is back to its pre 9-11 strength. Bin Laden is alive and training more terrorists while our military is approaching the breaking point. Heroes like Army Reservist, Erik Botta, who served four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan is now being called for a fifth tour as our brave wounded veterans are placed in horrendous conditions.

The Bush/Cheney Administration deliberately misled our country into war without a plan to secure peace. They sacrificed thousands of other people's family members while their military age family members are safe behind secret service protection. They pursued deadly, delusional tactics that distracted us from the real threats we face while declaring that they are above the law.

I have had enough of the Bush administration’s version of “progress” in Iraq. It only demonstrates the extent of their denial.

I agree with Senator Barack Obama;
“The war in Iraq should never have been authorized, never have been waged, and it must end now.”

Susan S said...

I've been trying to post this all day but have had computer issues. Thanks for getting it up...and with the chipmunk, no less! I love it!

Is it Psych or Sike? Change it back if I got it wrong.