Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some Votes Gus Forgot to Mention

Touting 101 accomplishments on his website, Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-9th CD) stands not only with the minority party of Congress, but with the minority of Americans.

In a recent press release, Congressman Gus Bilirakis touted his "101 Accomplishments During the First 100 Days." Most were uncontroversial, and some were hardly worthy of the designation "accomplishment" (e.g., caucus memberships, committee appointments, etc.) What the Congressman's press release DIDN’T mention is that regarding the major, important issues of the day, he voted against the will of the American people, time and again.

GusWatch thinks that the Congressman’s performance exceeds 101 actions, and would like to continue the list as follows:

#102 - Congressman Bilirakis voted AGAINST citizens who suffer from disease and injuries, including our troops, when he voted NO on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.
A recent poll of 1,000 Americans showed a clear majority favored Stem Cell Research (Source: Opinion Dynamics / Fox News). Here are the results of that polling:

Approve 63%
Disapprove 24%
Don't know 14%

#103 - Congressman Bilirakis voted AGAINST senior citizens when he voted NO on the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act.
1,000 Americans were polled on Drug Price Negotiations (Source: AARP), and this is what the polling found: 87% favor allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies

#104 - Congressman Bilirakis voted AGAINST energy independence when he voted NO on the Long Term Energy Alternatives.
Polling by Pew Research (February 2006), Gallup (April 2006), and the LA Times (July 2006) showed that a clear majority of Americans support the development of alternative energy sources, with more emphasis on conservation and regulation of energy use and prices.

#105 - Congressman Bilirakis voted AGAINST the troops when he voted NO on the Iraq Accountability Act (funding the troops and setting deadlines for bringing them home from Iraq.)
According to an NBC/WSJ poll conducted April 20-23:

56% agree with the Democratic plan to begin withdrawing troops by October 1, 2007
37% agree with George Bush and Gus Bilirakis that no deadline should be set

#106 - Congressman Bilirakis voted AGAINST open government and accountability when he voted NO on the Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 2007.
No polling available, but the final vote in the House of Representatives was 308 to 117.
80 Republicans voted with the majority for more openness in government. Gus Bilirakis voted with the minority for more secrecy.

#107 - Congressman Bilirakis voted AGAINST working families when he voted NO on the Employee Free Choice Act.
Again, no polling available, but Gus Bilirakis voted with the minority on the bipartisan bill that would protect workers and strengthen the middle class by allowing workers to form, join, and assist labor organizations.

Gus Bilirakis is not representing the will of the American people. He is rubber-stamping George Bush and the minority in Congress. He must be held accountable for these votes at election time.


gatordem said...

Another "accomplishment" Gus forgot to mention was being ranked the second least effective Member of Congress by

That's behind the non-voting Member from the Mariana Islands.


thefos said...

Why does Gus keep voting against my military family members?

By the way, where did Gus serve?

Inquiring minds want to know?