Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gus Bilirakis, Protect Americans Not George Bush

As we read about Gus Bilirakis' recent appointment to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and as we hear about his request for an increase in military pay, let's not overlook the fact that when it comes to protecting our troops in Iraq, Bilirakis' loyalty lies elsewhere.

With his Republican rubber stamp votes, he shows that his military support goes only so deep. He proposes "no brainer" legislation that will win him praise from military veterans here in District 9 (e.g., commemorative coins for disabled vets, reduced fees for veterans entering national parks, better vision care for vets) but on the big votes, the ones that will really protect our soldiers in the field and keep us safe here at home, he would rather shield and protect George Bush.

Gus Bilirakis would rather support the Bush-Cheney debacle in Iraq than bring our soldiers home from a war that is putting all of us in more danger. Just as General Eaton challenges Senator Collins of Maine in the latest VoteVets ad, we at GusWatch challenge Representative Bilirakis to protect the citizens of our country, not George Bush!



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Michelle aka boofdah said...

Great framing, Susan! Maybe Bill Mitchell should be checking this blog for insight/speech ideas. :)