Sunday, May 20, 2007

418 Deaths on Gus Bilirakis' Watch

We here at GusWatch are fed up. Our congressman was sworn into office on January 3, 2007. Since that day, 418 precious American lives have been lost in George Bush's disastrous war in Iraq. (We can't even convey to you the number of Iraqi deaths because no one deems that worthy of an official count...Another reason to be upset!)

As a member of the 110th Congress, Gus Bilirakis has done nothing to end this quagmire. He is "rubber stamping" Bush's folly, just as his father did. It's time to DEMAND that Gus Bilirakis follows the will of the American people and not the will of George Bush. Please call his office and make your voice heard. DO NOT STAND BY AND ALLOW ONE MORE SOLDIER TO DIE FOR NOTHING. Gus needs to support the Democratic efforts to bring our troops home.

Here are the numbers:

+ 1(202) 225-5755
+ 1(813) 985-8541
+ 1(727) 773-2871


gatordem said...

It is clear that Gus is nothing more than an enabler for George W Bush.

We want someone to represent us, not to be an enabler for Bush's misbegotten war.

Michelle aka boofdah said...

Gus isn't my rep in Congress, but I will call his office as a "neighbor" and demand he do more too.