Saturday, January 20, 2007

Will Gus "Stay the Course"??

In a recent St. Petersburg Times article (January 14, 2007-Robin Stein) the elder "B" reflects on his career & comments on his replacement in Congress, his son. Will Gus the Lesser follow in his father's footsteps, when it comes to taking junket trips on the taxpayer dime? The elder statesman says, "let's not get into all that", when asked about his travel records (2005 story), which included 8 trips to 'Sin City' since 1997 (all paid for by private organizations). Thankfully, the new Democratic-led House passed ethics & lobbyist reform last week!
More noteworthy in the article, the recently-retired Congressman says that Gus "tends not to take criticism particularly well." I'm sorry Gus, but, get ready!!
By the way, his real (Greek) name is Costa.


Susan S said...

Thanks for posting this, Strati.

My guess is that Gussie will be the invisible man for the next two years, just trying not to draw any attention to himself so he can coast into office on Daddy's name again.

gatordem said...

We ought not let Gus get away with being invisible.

To do that we need to think of ways to get Gus in the news in an unflattering light. This can be followed up with LTE's to amplify the criticism,

Strati Aradas said...

thanks Susan & Gator Dem......compiling a damning document of his record, proposals (or lack thereof), any media coverage, etc. can be used by any opponent....and this blogspot will go a long way towards that.