Thursday, January 18, 2007

Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation Act

H R 6 YEA-AND-NAY 18-Jan-2007 6:09 PM
QUESTION: On Passage
BILL TITLE: Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation Act

Bilirakis - NO

And, that's it, right?? They did it.

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gatordem said...

So here is what Gus voted against by voting no on HR 6 the CLEAN Energy Act of 2007:

> repealing special tax breaks afforded to gas and oil companies during the Republican majorities of 2000-2006.

>repealing tax breaks for oil companies: (1) specified incentives for natural gas production from deep wells in shallow waters of the Gulf; (2) royalty relief for deep water production in the Gulf; and (3) the prohibition on cost recovery fees for drilling-related permit application during the Federal Permit Streamlining Pilot Project.

> legislation (that ) will make it cost-prohibitive to begin building oil pipelines in ANWR.

> the Strategic Energy Efficiency and Renewables Reserve. All tax money recovered from this bill will be automatically directed to this office, where it would use the funds to develop alternative energy sources

I just wanted y'all to see some of the specific items in this bill that Gus voted against