Saturday, July 12, 2008

Let's Rape Someone Else's Neighborhood

It's been awhile since we checked in with mini-Mike. I wonder what Gus is up to...

Accepting an award for being Greek?

Honoring Eagle Scouts?

Feigning interest in elderly veterans (while letting our active duty soldiers boil in the Iraqi sun?)

Inserting chips in seniors citizens so they won't get lost from their caretakers?

Nope. He's headed to ANWR with his GOP brethren to figure out how we can continue to feed our oil habit by drilling in the Arctic Refuge. I suppose he would prefer raping someone else's neighborhood in hopes that he won't have to flip-flop on his Florida off-shore drilling position. (Flip-flopping on that one comes a little easier when the VP spot is being dangled before you as in the case of our newly-enGAYged governor.)

What a loser.


Friends Of Adele said...

Susan: New to blogging, please help us with procedure so that we can post a message here about Gus.

ell_enl said...

i hope they drill in anwr and the gulf coast and everywhere else they can. the environmentalist hysterics don't want you to walk on the grass or make the bunny rabbits nervous with direct eye contact, let alone drill for fuel we need. they've raised environmentalism to the level of a religion and the planet is their god. the claims they make about drilling just don't hold water with the new technologies. it's an infantile pipe dream to imagine that the REAL problems created by artifically reduced oil usage somehow vanish just because you refuse to acknowledge them - - or that drilling somehow presents a greater hazard to the planet, the local environment, the nation or global economic stability than not drilling.

as far as that adele stuff... the whole thing is a matter of public court record. you can read the one-sided glut of selective info posted all over the web, or you can go read the actual documents - not hte cherry picked ones - for yourself.