Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gus Bilirakis: Poor Children Not Worth a Few Days of War in Iraq

We here at GusWatch have long questioned the priorities of Gus Bilirakis, but with his "nay" vote yesterday on expanding healthcare for poor children through the SCHIPS program, Gus has removed all doubt. His concern for the health and welfare of American citizens begins and ends with wounded and ailing veterans, a big voting block in District 9.

Gus, who heard "encouraging news" in the pathetic shilling of General Petraeus before Congress a couple of weeks ago, would rather continue pouring money down Bush's Iraqi shithole than take care of America's uninsured poor children. Has there ever been a more disgusting example of pandering: pandering to failed Republican policies on healthcare, to Bush's attempt to salvage his legacy, and to laughable claims of Republican fiscal responsibility?

From Congressman Rahm Emanuel:
"This week, the President asked for $200 billion more for the war in Iraq. In the same week, the White House said the bipartisan plan to give 10 million children health care included ‘excessive spending’ and threatened to veto the plan. For this President who helped rack up three trillion dollars in new debt, it is not about the spending, it is about priorities and the President has made his clear.”

Gus has shown us once again what his priorities are. He stands first and foremost with George Bush, and not with American families. Remember that on Election Day 2008.

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thefos said...

Gus shaving his head was just another fake, empty gesture because if he really cared about children and adults with cancer, he would be voting for quality health care for all.