Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gus Bilirakis' blog: No comments all the time.

Of course, comments are closed. Gus'supposed blog doesn't allow comments because he is a coward.

Again, I feel compelled to tweak Gus' latest press release because it is full of errors and disinformation.

The departure of Attorney General Gonzales will allow the Justice Department to move beyond the distractions illegal actions faced committed under his leadership. I support a full investigation into Alberto Gonzales'illegal activities and I encourage him to be forthcoming in his testimony. If his memory is as bad as it seemed when he last testified, then he should be Baker-acted for his own safety.

The Justice Department is vital to our nation’s safety and security. Today’s announcement has created an opportunity for new leadership to embrace a refocused and bipartisan agenda that will enable the Department to effectively and faithfully restore the balance of power and undo the outrageous attacks on the U.S. Constitution so that we can enforce our nation’s laws including the Separation of Church and State.
Only then will our Justice Department be once again free to enforce our nation’s laws.


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