Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gus Bilirakis Has a Blog!

It's true! Here's the link to a post on the JFK terror plot:

So far, I am underwhelmed.

I've been meaning to write about Gus' co-sponsorship of a VERY IMPORTANT BILL. I'll have to come back later with the particulars, but for now just know that Gus is on the case. Is he trying to help bring the Iraq War to an end? NO! Is he trying to help the people of the Gulf Coast as they continue to struggle nearly two years after Katrina? NO! Is he trying to solve our healthcare crisis? NO! Is he working to fix No Child Left Behind or improve the dropout rate in American schools? NO! What is it that is so deserving of Gus' attention? Turns out the new dollar coin has "In God We Trust" on the side instead of on the face, and that, my friends, is what is bothering your rubber stamp Congressman. Heaven help us.


gatordem said...

I tried to post a comment and guess what - it is moderated. So we'll se whether my comment goes up or not.

Susan S said...

My comment didn't make it either.

Ah, freedom of speech in Bush/Bilirakis America!