Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gus Bilirakis gets kid glove treatment while Castor is subtly slammed

Check out the way intrepid Tampa Tribune reporter Billy House paints Gus as the affable, self-deprecating, hard-working freshman Congressman while subtly slamming Kathy Castor in this article from last week. I'm not sure which line was funnier to me, the one where Gus claims that one-party, Jeb-controlled Tallahassee wasn't as partisan as Washington, or the one relating an incident of an eight-term Congressman not realizing that Gus was Mike's son. Give me a break.


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gailp said...

A little sensitive Susan. I just think the reporter didn't have much positive to say about Gus, so he had to come up with something to sound "fair and balanced". The best he could say about Gus was that he was "affable". That's my take. It's to bad that Kathy didn't have a better comeback to his question instead of" we'll get back to you on that" It wasn't that difficult a question.