Thursday, March 1, 2007

Gus votes against workers

Are we surprised? NO!

Gus Bilirakis voted against the Employee Free Choice Act today. What a shock! Here's a link:

With this bill, workers will gain the ability to join unions - and unions bring higher wages, better pensions, and health insurance. Unions will be more able to organize workers, leading to higher union density, which in turn raises the benefits of unionization still more.

Forgot to post last week when Gus rode on a Big Brown UPS truck. He was "excited" about it. I'll try to find a link if I'm not too lazy.

If Gus really understood the working class, he wouldn't have voted against the Employee Free Choice Act. I hoped his ride on the Big Brown truck would have enlightened him but I guess not.


AliFlorida said...

What Can Brown Do for Gus?

gatordem said...

Why does Gus hate workers? Probably because he's never been one.

Susan S said...

Good one, gatordem!