Thursday, February 8, 2007

Gus Bilirakis odds and ends

None of us Gus Watchers were able to attend the Meet and Greet yesterday but hopefully we can begin attending next month. If anyone who stumbled onto this site was there, please let us know how it went.

Please call Gus's office again to see if he has taken a position on the troop escalation in Iraq. When I called a few days ago, he had not yet decided where he stood. In a follow up letter (which I have to say was less condescending than his father's always were) I was told that he was still studying the situation. Sounds to me like he's hedging his bets in the hopes that his party will come up with some strategy that doesn't totally suck (lots of luck with that!) With a resolution set to come before the House next Tuesday (February 13th), he can't keep his finger in the air much longer.

On another note, Gus has joined the Immigration Reform Caucus:

a blog entry on the subject:

Bilbray and Tancredo are both idiots in my mind, so this bears watching.


Megan said...

Is this the same immigration group that was started by a bigot with an ax to grind against brown people?

Susan S said...

Yes, I think so.