Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mama Helps Gus Find an Office

We know that Mama was always close by when Gus was campaigning, stepping in to call Busansky supporters "low class" when they asked Gus to have a public debate with his Democratic opposition. Heck, Mama even got nasty with Phyllis' campaign manager when the two candidates appeared together at WEDU. And from last week's St. Pete Times, we get the lowdown on Gus' search for a Capital Hill office. Oh, wait, did I say "Gus' search?" I should have said, "Mama's search" for a Congressional office for sonny boy. Here's the link to the St. Pete Times article, followed by some choice excerpts:

...But compared to other freshmen wandering the halls of the U.S. House office buildings, looking for the perfect suite among the scraps still left for them, Rep.-elect Gus Bilirakis had a few secret weapons:
Some of his dad's most experienced staffers. And his mom.

...Freshmen get what sitting members don't want, through a lottery. The list of offices available to them came out Thursday, just a day before they had to pick, and Mrs. Bilirakis and some of her husband's top aides - executive assistant Jackie Troy, scheduler Doug Menorca, legislative assistant James Robertson and chief of staff Rebecca Hyder - were determined to find the best they could for the congressman's son, Gus, 43, who is taking his dad's seat.

...Menorca snapped away with his camera while Troy took notes and fretted about where the copier, the printers and other equipment might go. When they were finished, Menorca made a note on his list. "Ten-twenty-two. That's the best one yet."
But Mom had a question: "How far would he have to walk?"
Menorca showed her the map.
"That's too far!" Mrs. Bilirakis said. "Too far!"

...His team checked their list and headed toward the Cannon building, a tad farther from the Capitol, home to many junior members. "Gus," his mom told him, "you need to think about location."

...He chose 1630. The staff will be knee to knee. The view is of a gravel roof a couple of floors down; in the near distance is a wall. The windows, thankfully, are small.
But it is convenient, close to the elevators leading to the exit on Independence Avenue, making for a short walk to vote. His mom would be pleased. Constituents can find it easily. And Bilirakis didn't mind the size, 862 square feet.

Is is just me, or is this weird? This is a grown man, a Congressman, and his mama follows him EVERYWHERE! Even if I wanted my mother's input, I don't think I would allow her to be so prominent in the office search if a reporter were covering the process.

It absolutely makes me ill that this man is representing me in Congress.


Local Yokel said...

Whatever is Poor Gus going to do when Mama is off in Lost Wages with Daddy?

Poor Gus, he doesn't know any better. His Mama has always been there to make his decisions for him.

What everybody will have to do is to make sure they visit Gus in his Cannon closet when you are in DC. Make sure to bring your camera phone with you. That's because you want to make sure to get a picture of the sign in book at the front desk at Jr's office. Every Congressman has one.

Might be interesting to see who's dropping in to vist?

Emily said...

Hey Susan -
Great job getting this up and running before Gus even takes the oath (with Mom by his side, I'm sure).

Miss ya!

Susan S said...

I don't know how to reach you now! Call or write to me.

MJ Kenoyer said...

Oh dear--typical of Republicans; they don't want to stand in line and take a number like everyone else (other freshmen Representatives who have to go through the lottery system); they think they're too privileged to deal with those inconveniences.

Buncha snob elitists, the lot of them.